world of virtual classrooms


A course is an area where a teacher will add resources and activities for their students to complete. It might be a simple page with downloadable documents or it might be a complex set of tasks where learning progresses through interaction. Progress can be tracked in a number of ways. This ensures that all courses are made available on the courseware site.
The course page is made up of central sections which contain the tasks and (if desired) blocks to the side. The course teacher has control over the layout of the course homepage and can change it at any time.
Students can be enrolled manually by the teacher, automatically by the administrator, or they can be allowed to enrol themselves. Students can also be added to groups if they need to be separated from classes sharing the same course or if tasks need to be differentiated.


Deleting a course(s)

A regular teacher can't delete a course. Administrators and managers can delete courses. A Course creator can delete courses they have created themselves.

Adding a category

Most people organize their courses by department and college or by topic. Be sure to test the organizational scheme with a few users before entering a large number of courses, to save time in moving them later.


Questions can be created in Moodle for use in quizzes and for import into lessons.

  • Calculated
  • Simple Calculated
  • Calculated Multichoice
  • Description
  • Essay
  • Matching
  • Embedded Answers (Cloze)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short-Answer
  • Numerical
  • True/False
  • Third party question types

Course enrolment

Course enrolment is the process where authenticated  courseware users can be registered as course participants.

  • All course participants are enrolled in the course and assigned an appropriate role.
    Enrolled users:
  • Can be assigned to groups
  • Have grades
  • Can submit assignments
  • Are visible in the list of participants
  • Can subscribe to forums
  • Can participate in choices

Only enrolled users are true participants in course.