world of virtual classrooms


Virtual Classrooms
Classroom Virtualization is the stimulation of a “REAL” classroom into cyberspace with all the features of full functional teacher – student interaction.


  • Stimulation of a Live Classroom with full attributes of Teacher/ Student relations.
  • Multiplication of resources across multiple platforms and users. Tutor expertise is shared amongst a wider audience.
  • Re-use of recordings is available for play back and references. Ability to record and play back is one of the greatest advantages of a Virtual Classroom.
  • Increase in student enrolment, with a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) student enrolment has been the Increased and the ability of the students to be selective on mode of teaching will enhance enrolment.
  •  Ease of Tutor/ Student interaction. Confidentiality is greatly enhanced as electronic method of communication has been proven to advance tutor/student relationship.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Requirements

  1. e Classrooms :- Good Internet access to stream the LIVE SESSION  unto a VLE Platform and uploading of the e-courseware into the LMS.
  2. e-Tutor:- Trained tutor with the ability and attributes of an e-tutor. He is aware of the environment and can use all the tools to communicate in a virtual environment with e-students. He has responsibility to student’s assignments, class moderations and other features.
  3. e-coursewaare:- SCROM compliant courseware are produced and uploaded unto the LMS for use by the tutors and students. The contents much be rich in audio visual stimulations and segmented to allow for self pace study.